These are examples of philippine theatrical forms except., a bodabil, b komedya, c Moro Moro, d sarsuela,

These are examples of philippine theatrical forms except.

a bodabil
b komedya
c Moro Moro
d sarsuela


All of them are theatrical forms


A. Bodabil is genre of variety entertainment is composed of song and dance numbers, slapstick comedy routines, magic acts, and chorus girls

B. The komedya otherwise known as moro-moro or pretending to be Moors, is a traditional Filipino play in the vernacular adapted from the Spanish comedia de capa y espada.

C. The term moro-moro refers to a type of folk drama performed in villages throughout the Philippines, usually during fiestas. Although each villages moro-moro is a little different in terms of treatment, all are full of romance and melodrama, and the highpoint is always a battle between Muslims and Christians.

D. In the Philippines, the sarswela is a play with songs and dances usually written in prose, containing from one to five acts, depicting the vagaries of romantic love among idealized Filipino characters, and often incorporating contemporary social, political, economic or cultural issues for relevance and interest.

Examples of Philippine theatrical forms are





Epic Poetry


Senakulo etc.

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