Make a claim of Value out from the given topic,, 2.morality-fame, 3.mercy-killing, 4.shopaholic, 5.lethal injection-heinous crime convicts

Make a claim of Value out from the given topic




5.lethal injection-heinous crime convicts​


Some people say that when you are famous you can have the power to influence or to even persuade people of things you most likely do, some are good and sadly some are not. I do believe that in great power comes great responsibility which means that as people look up to you. Responsibilities that you should be more conscious of your words and action because it can have a great impact to your fans or followers. Therefore it is expected of you to be more responsible and act with morality more than of the fame you hold. More than that it reflects gow you value other people as well as yourself. Fame wouldnt last forever but your moral deeds wouldnt be erased from those whom you loved may it be your followers or relatives.


*this is my opinion or claim you can use it as a basis on how you construct your own claim, you can contrast my claim or go with it 🙂

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