Give the meaning of the following musical, 1. D.S. Fine, 2. D. C Al Fine, 3. Ternary Form, 4. Binary form, 5. Rondo

Give the meaning of the following musical

1. D.S. Fine
2. D. C Al Fine
3. Ternary Form
4. Binary form
5. Rondo


D.S fine – means to start back at the segno mark and continue playing until you reach the final barline.

D.C Al fine – start back at the beginning of the music and continue until the word fine

Binary Form – is when a piece of two music has two similar sections that are then repeated throughout the piece.

Ternary Form – a consisting of three section, the third section normally either a literal or a varied repeated of the first.

Rondo Form – an instrumental form characterized by the initial statement and subsequent restatement of a particular melody or section, the various statement of which are separated by contrasting material, Rondo, Key people.

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