Concept map of asian critical arts and asian festival

Concept map of asian critical arts and asian festival​

Asian Festivals

1. Tet Festival

– Originated in Vietnam

– It is their celebration of New Year

2. Sinulog Festival

– Originated in the Philippines

– It is done to honor the Santo Niño

3. Lantern Festival

– Originated in Thailand

– Also known as Yi Peng

4. Kodo Taiko Drum Festival

– Originated in Japan

– They use Taiko, a traditional drum

Asian Theatrical Arts

1. Peking Opera

– China

– Their mask-like facial makeup is

called lianpu

2. Senakulo

– Philippines

– A dramatic presentation depicting the

Passion of Christ

3. Wayang Kulit

– Indonesia

– Traditional form of shadow puppet play

4. Kabuki

– Japan

– Their theme are usually about

love and revenge

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