9. Two intersecting lines forming, four angles measuring 90\xb0., A. Altitudes, B. Parallel line, C. Angle Bisector, D. Perpendicular Line

9. Two intersecting lines forming

four angles measuring 90°.
A. Altitudes
B. Parallel line
C. Angle Bisector
D. Perpendicular Line​



  • B. Parallel line



  • Parallel lines are lines that are always the same distance apart.
  • A rectangle is a flat shape with four straight sides and all interior angles are right angles (90°).
  • Two lines cut by a transversal line are parallel when the alternate interior angles are equal.


For Example:

Find the slope of the line parallel to the line:

  • 4x – 5y = 12

•To find the slope of this line we need to get the line into slope-intercept form:

  • (y = mx + b)

•The slope of the line:

  • 4x – 5y = 12 is m = 4/5


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